Who we are / Mission, vision & values

Mission, vision,values

Our Purpose

At Tomé, we recognize the potential in Africa and use our knowledge of the region to lead studies, which identify the best investment opportunities and the most efficient means of implementation in infrastructure, mining, timber and agriculture. We are driven on the purpose that we can help build a stronger, better Africa for future generations.


Our mission is to be the consultancy of choice designed to deliver infrastructure, mining, agriculture and timber projects to sub-Saharan Africa.


Our vision is to help build and transform the cities and provinces of sub-Saharan Africa into viable metropolises able to grow and sustain communities that are able to meet the challenges and changes for generations to come. It is this vision that influences our values system, which is based on our commitment and belief in Africa.


We value local insights and by partnering with trusted local and international partners, can help infrastructure projects add real socio-economic impact to Africans through employment and trade development.

We believe infrastructure, mining, agriculture and timber are important for a growing Africa and are committed to helping bring such projects to fruition.

We are dedicated to creating strong partnerships with governments, investors and suppliers while managing complex projects on the ground in Africa.